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A bell that tolls at night means all is well and right. A bell that tolls by day means a dragon is at bay. After a century of peace from the dragon, the bells of Sacluzia ring the terrible news. King Magnum Maximus offers a reward of gold to whoever kills this fire breathing menace. Can another dragon slayer in the tradition of Leonard the Great be found?

Into the fiery arena steps an unlikely hero ...

Sacluzia is a fantasy world of the Dragon Slayer. This was a large project, a comic book story which I wrote and illustrated, that appeared in a monthly magazine as a double page spread. It took about one to two weeks to do each of the 22 issues. The art work was painted on stretched art paper, and painted with ink. It was eventually published as a graphic novel called "Dragon Slayer". These are the first eleven pages...

The The Dinosaur Dragon Dragonosaurus

The Rise of the Dragon Slayer

Gonk the Bell Ringer

Dragon Slayering - Marriage is not an option

Gold, Blood money and killing the dragon

Dragon Slayer - Hard choices

The Dragon Slayer - The festivities

The Dragon Slayer - And the Winner is...

The Dragon Slayer - Descent into the caves

The Dragon Slayer - We are all going to die!


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