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Spot the difference is a double page spread in Grapevine Magazine. The two illustrations are essentially the same except for around 20 differences that the readers try to find. These are just few of the illustrations published over the last few years, they were all drawn in Corel Painter.

School Camp and Ga-Ga Ball.

School Camp

These were some of the activities that children participated in at my son's school camp. Filling the barrel with water was an annual tradition. Teams had two minutes to fill a barrel full of holes, with water. Each team had to work out their own strategy - and the most efficient way to split the team into those that block the holes and those that collect the water from the creek. The winning team was the one that filled the barrel with the most water in the allocated time. The ball game played in the pit is called Ga-ga Ball. If the ball hits you feet you are out of the game, last player left wins. This really is an awesome game. But if ever get a chance to play, make sure you wear knee pads!

Cosplay Parade


I have illustrated over 24 'Spot the Differences' for Grapevine and nearly all the pictures for this series were based on activities based on my personal experience - even Cosplay. And occasionally I play Team Fortress and Overwatch.

School production, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Josephs Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

School Production

I never actually performed in a School production... I can't sing. But I was a stage hand and was on the set design team.

Live action role play


Raft Race

Raft Race

I participated in quite a few raft races in my teenage years, and water pistols and flour bombs were mandatory. I'm pretty sure that we made it to the finish line, but having spent more time in the water than on the raft, and never with our raft in one piece. Winning never really was the goal.


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