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The Novice in the Steeplechase


Welcome to my website. My name is Tim Tripp, I'm a freelance cartoonist, designer, and illustrator, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. 


I have a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication and studied Photography for a year at Weltec. After 7 years experience in advertising as an art director/designer, I moved out on my own and began to freelance. Mainly storyboards for advertising agencies, and illustrating for magazines and childrens books. My own projects began to consume a bigger chunk of my time, including the award winning Bears CDROM, a Graphic Novel and comic strips for a variety of publications.


In 1997 I founded Pixelpark to publish and distribute my Bears CD-ROM, which expanded into distributing boardgames. Pixelpark, of which I am still managing director continued to grow to become New Zealand's largest supplier of boardgames, role-playing games, and game accessories. While my role at Pixelpark keeps me more than busy, I still do design work - mostly for Pixelpark's marketing material, and illustrations for Grapevine Magazine.

Self Portrait with a pinhole camera made from a coffee tin

This was a self-portrait taken (when I was a lot younger) with a pinhole camera made from a coffee tin, using 4"x5" black and white film. 

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